For a long time I have struggled with who I design for. I also wanted to help make a difference but how could I do it when I have bills to pay?

Now that I am freelancing I get to choose who I partner with and I love helping the “little people” or those that need a little help having their voices heard. It’s just an added bonus that I am designing with a conscience and I get to choose who I partner with. It is inspiring to be able to work with people who do not have large budgets but still have a passion for great design. So far this change has been amazing and I hope to continue working with a conscience in the future.

Some of the companies I have partnered with in the past few months has been Greenville Center for Creative Arts, Lamon Luther, DriButts and Crossroads Church. I would love to add your name to this list so if you would like to partner together than please send me an email or give me a call at 347-421-2003. I am local to Atlanta, GA but I love meeting and working with people all over the world.