I have been designing professionally for the past 7 years. During my career, I have had the opportunity to learn and work in several different fields of study.

I became interested in graphic design during high school when I took an Adobe Illustrator class. Shortly after, I began designing lapel pins for a local company in Central Florida. That job was amazing and I loved it until I got my first bad review. Like most teenagers, I lost my confidence and decided I wasn’t going to design again until I had a formal education. It took several years, but I finally enrolled at Full Sail University studying Digital Arts and Design. Upon graduating, I had high hopes of moving to New York City and breaking into the industry. On my first day in New York, I landed a paid internship designing flash banners for Marriott Hotels and I was hopeful it would turn into a junior design position. Unfortunately, the economy started falling apart and along with it, the job I was hoping to land. For the next few months, I took on daily or weekly freelance jobs until I was offered an ongoing freelance job with The New York Times News Service/Syndicate. I gained a lot of experience learning how to put together catalogues, sell sheets, and design flash banners. It was there that I discovered my passion: designing websites. While at The New York Times News Service/Syndicate, I took on the challenge of redesigning their website. That job helped me land a job with Exhibit-E, giving me the opportunity to design websites for art galleries for the next 4 years. That job was a lot of fun as I got to experience and look at great art on a daily basis. I believe that all of these jobs, regardless of how big or small, have shaped me into the designer I am today and has helped launch my new undertaking as a freelance designer.