Welcome to my new and updated website! I never really minded the look of my previous website but it was a pain to keep updated so I never did it and it showed. I decided that my new site needed to be easier to update since my last website was a plain html site with no CMS. Since I’m currently running another site on WordPress through the Genesis Framework and currently loving that website I decided I would run my new portfolio website on the Genesis Framework through WordPress.

I have been working on this site on and off between jobs since the end of last year and after a potential client this year commented that she wasn’t sure if I was taking new clients since my website was so outdated I knew I had to get this site finished. I’m basically 90% done with the website as I’m only adding more portfolio pieces but I felt like I had enough pieces up that you are able to get an idea of my style and work so I have officially launched.

With that said welcome to my new site and yes, I’m taking new clients so please consider hiring me today!